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Briefing about Oriental Bank of Commerce

Oriental bank of commerce is an entirely owned subsidiary of Punjab national bank founded by Sushil Kumar Pal in 1943.

Oriental bank of commerce is a public bank that deals in various financial services plus one of the finest banks and second-largest public sector bank after getting merged with one of the well-known public banks which is Public National Bank in the year 2020.

After being a part of PNB oriental bank of commerce has widened up their products along with various projects from iFinanceGuidecom.com.

Key Product or Service Offered by OBC Bank

Oriental bank of commerce also deals in various banking and offers a wide range of banking products and services listed below are services provided by OBC bank.

  • Investment banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Retail banking
  • Consumer banking
  • Private banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Net banking
  • Asset management
  • Pension
  • Mortgages

Net Banking

Net banking is getting more effective with every passing day and the reason behind is demonetization which comes into effect in 2016 and hit Indian banks so hard. In order to avoid glitches, long queues in banks, ATMs, and other problems which were faced by people during such stage government step towards digital banking which was quite popular those days.

Banking activities are now no longer enclosed to branches where you need to approach various bank-related work. Now the customer can handle their banking activity through devices post bank approval. Net banking enables their customer to do any financial transaction through the internet and now all banks are allocating online services to their users.

OBC Net Banking and Its Services

In this guide, we will talk about OBC net banking in brief and the services covered. OBC bank is enabling their customer to handle their banking transaction via the net which helps a lot when we are in hurry. OBC bank provides numerous privileges to their net banking users few of them are listed below, have a look at them.

  • Fund transfer
  • Balance check
  • Opening FD/RD account
  • Online ticket booking
  • Making payments
  • Viewing transaction history (credit card/debit card)
  • Transfer fund overseas and from one bank to another
  • Pay bills ( electricity, water, credit card, etc)
  • Personal details
  • Option to download e-statement
  • Enquire current rate prevailing
  • Track on loans
  • Issue card ( debit card/credit card)
  • 24 hours account access
  • Avail insurance

Mentioned above are some services rendered by OBC bank to their customers and to avail of such services users need to visit the OBC portal.

OBC Net Banking Portal

Basic Requirements Needed to Avail OBC Net Banking Services

In order to avail various net banking services which are provided by OBC bank, you need some basic things like-

  1. Stable net connection
  2. Any smart device (computer, android device, ios device, tablet, and laptop) can be used to run the portal.

Why Net Banking is Prefered?

Simply because it helps a lot in saving your precious time by letting you do transaction at any time of the day without hindrance and mainly because it is more secure and fast as compare to offline working or visiting your branches and get your work done which you can do effortlessly by seating at home through smart devices.

This is the chief reason customer should prefer net banking rather than offline or the old tradition of banking.

Summing Up

Truly speaking OBC bank is one of the finest service providers and comes with a diverse range of products and options. OBC net banking is one of the effective ways to make your financial transaction efficiently without any obstacles and so far the safest and more trusted portal.

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