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Can I Take Credit Card Payments on My iPhone?

When iPhones were first introduced, many were optimistic that they could transform the operations of small businesses. And this is exactly what they have done.

If you are wondering, can I take credit card payments on my iPhone? Yes, you can definitely do it using the various iPhone apps and terminals such as https://paymentcloudinc.com/accept-payments/mobile/.

Which are these apps? Here they are:

1. PayPal Here

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment platforms. People use PayPal to send and receive money, but did you know you can use it to receive credit card payments?

PayPal Here app, an iPhone application allows merchants to accept payments from various credit cards, charging a fee of 2.7% per swipe.

Those who prefer the use of foreign cards are charged an additional fee of 1.5% and a 3% currency conversion fee.

To make it easy to make payments, PayPal provides the PayPal chip that has three credit card readers that iPhone users can easily acquire and install on their devices.

After collecting money via PayPal, all the deposits are transferred to your online PayPal account.

You need to carry out a manual transfer from the PayPal account to your preferred bank account to access the money. If you don’t want this, get a PayPal Business MasterCard that allows you to spend money directly from your online account.

2. Pay anywhere

Pay anywhere is a simple app made for iPhone users to enable them to accept credit card payments. The beauty of the iPhone application is that it does not require any monthly payments or subscriptions to use it.

The app comes with a free EMV and a swipe reader, making it a 3-in-1 that accepts contactless transactions.

The app deducts a transaction fee of 2.69% per transaction, while other manually keyed transactions cost an average of 3%.

Although the app is free, if you leave it dormant for over twelve months, you will be forced to pay an inactivity fee of $3.99.

3. Clover Go

Clover Go is among the best credit card payment apps for iPhones because of its many features such as iPhone credit card reader and Point of Sale software.

All the products mentioned above come together with a merchant account for reliable mobile credit card processing operations.

In recent years, Clover Go has simplified its fee rates, making it more affordable. Initially, you had to get a contract through major banks such as the Bank of America, but this is no longer the case.

Currently, you can easily subscribe to the app through the Clover website for $9.95, payable every month.

Upon subscription, you choose the best plan that works for your credit card payment operations.

There you have it

As you can see, you don’t have to be fancy to collect credit card payments for your business you can easily do it using the various iPhone apps. 

While there are many apps you can use to your advantage, you should note that not all are right for you. To ensure you don’t lose your valuable money or give information to the wrong people, do your due diligence and dig deeper into an app before using it.

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