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Best Small Business Accounting Software for 2024

Individuals & business managers use online small business accounting software to monitor their financial affairs as well as enter assets and liabilities.

It’s faster and less likely to make mistakes, unlike manual processing. It can even save time thanks to features like automated processes, and it provides a secure location for the owner to shop important files and receipts that can be accessed at any time.

If bookkeeping isn’t your strong suit, or whether it is but you want to save time, keep reading to find out which accounting software is best for your company.

We looked at more than 20 application programs to find the proper accounting software before settling mostly on the top four. We would choose these depending on the attributes and functions tailored to entrepreneurs, as well as their ease of use, cost, as well as other factors.

Here are some best small business accounting software of our favorites.

1. FreshBooks

It is a Toronto-based company that was established in 2003. It uses iPhone, Android, & iPad apps to access cloud-based small business accounting software & invoice software.

It’s our pick for the best as a whole accounting software because it is so simple to be used for small businesses with no or little accounting experience, has a lot of features & functions, is affordable, that can be used on a go, and also any time.

Features of FreshBooks

  • Reminders about payments
  • Invoices that recur with customization options such as due dates & discounts
  • Payments by credit card via the internet
  • Billing in multiple currencies and languages
  • State income tax calculations are done automatically.
  • Expense categories that are tax-friendly
  • Vendors who are remembered
  • With the help of a Chrome browser extension, you can keep track of your time.
  • With bank assimilation, you can make deposits, set up recurring payments, as well as pay your bills automatically.
  • Integrations with estimates, tax apps, deductions, and submission tools are all available.
  • Other products, such as GSuite & Gusto, are easily integrated.

If you pre-pay, FreshBooks will give discounts or bundled pricing, so be sure to check the site for the offers before signing up.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a company that makes and sells accounting software. Its most recent cloud-based launch was in 2019 but also sells and downloads different desktop versions. Its products are primarily aimed at small & medium-sized businesses, as the software is used by over eight million of them.

Features of QuickBooks

  • financial institution convergence as well as assimilation with Square, PayPal, Shopify, & other services.
  • With the user guides & tax data transporting, it’s easier to file quarterly or annual tax statements.
  • Calculations, returns, and tax payments for sales taxes
  • Sort exchanges and expenditure into tax categories instantly.
  • Keep track of all of your expenses in one place.
  • Scanned receipts should be attached to invoices.
  • Export records or start sharing with your accounting firm.
  • Customize reports that include cash flow tracking on the dashboard.
  • With the smartphone’s GPS, you can keep track of how many miles you’ve traveled.

3. Sage

Sage, previously Sage Business Cloud Accounting, is an international brand that provides online accounting & business services. It began in Newcastle, 1981 as the way to create estimating & accounting software tailored to smaller firms. It’s now cloud-based, so you can customize it to fit your company size, industry, and requirements. More than 3 million companies use it to match you with special accounting alternatives.

Sage Cloud Accounting is a reputable company that provides software that requires no accounting knowledge that can be used by multiple people. Your accounting firm can obtain your books & use the software for little or no extra charge.

Features of Sage Cloud Accounting

  • Organize your company’s finances & cash flow.
  • Accept payments as well as receive them
  • Invoices can be created and sent.
  • Payroll administration
  • You can confirm your finances on the go with this app, which is available on all gadgets.
  • Connect to the financial institution as well as other apps like AutoEntry, Zync, & others.

4. AccountEdge Pro

It is computer accounting software for smaller companies that was first released in 1989 and has since been updated with new features & enhancements. You can just use the cloud-based application and hosting platform to obtain your financial situation on the go or through your phone or tablet. It’s aimed at small businesses, comes in two flavors (basic and pro), and provides comprehensive accounting solutions with plenty of customization options.

Features of FreshBooks

  • Integration of bank feeds
  • Deposits made directly into your bank account
  • Inventory control is important.
  • Processing of payments
  • Convert quotes to invoices.

How We Selected the Most Appropriate Accounting Software?

After thoroughly studying and analyzing 20 various options, we decided on the best small business accounting software. The top four were chosen based on a variety of factors, such as accounting features, functions, ease of use for non-accountants, and price.

Our top picks all require no prior accounting experience, offer customizable and affordable accounting features that incorporate with the other software & apps, as well as provide cloud-based backup plans.

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