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Making a Right Choice of Accountant is Important for your Business

Finance is the essence of any business, just like a soul for a body which is the reason for its existence, similarly, finance is the reason for the existence of any business firm, be it a profit-making or non-profit making organization. Managing finances comes under accounting and getting an efficient accountant is as important as an efficient family doctor to ensure the good health of family members.

Accounting is actually a vast subject full of methods, processes, principles, laws, etc. to manage the finances or funds. It involves the recording of financial data in different methods, processing them to get outcomes that would show the fund’s performance, and the financial health of a firm and would also help the management authorities to make informed decisions.

So, in case you own a business, consulting with a professional accounting firm like Howlader & co. is a must. Accounting is a field of study and profession for many who get specialized in carrying out these accounting activities.

Let’s quickly go through some of the important functions of accounting:

1. Recording of Cash Inflow and Outflow of a Company

Business is all about earning profit in return for some service or products and even if it does not profit there would definitely be a fund flow. Since every organization whether it’s a limited company, public company, government organization, or non-profit organization, there is always an accounting department that carries out all the accounting or finance-related tasks like disbursal of salaries or wages, managing and tracking cash inflow and outflow, and all other minor or major monetary transactions.

2. Preparation of Financial Statements

In the first-mentioned function, we talked about recording all the monetary transactions of the organization. Since these financial transactions are recorded for a long time period, let’s say for a financial year. This is required to be recorded in a systematic way in a different form so that can be processed without hassle when required or at the end of the year. Bookkeeping, Ledger, Income statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance sheets, etc are different forms of accounts that are being prepared and data is being recorded timely for analyzing it timely.

3. Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Once the accounts are prepared, they are processed or analyzed in many different accounts like a ledger, income statements, balance sheet, etc. at a certain point of time in a year to interpret or find out the answers like the expenses occurring in the organization, funds inflow, and outflow, fund performance, gross profit, net profit, etc. which overall shows whether an organization is performing well or not. Overall, the data is being analyzed timely to keep and maintain the sound financial performance of the organization to ensure it sustains longer in the market.

4. Provide Quantitative Information to Take Quality Decisions

After processing and analyzing the data, the results are summarized to get them to the management authorities, shareholders, and other business stakeholders who are entitled to have them and take decisions based on them. It helps the management in planning, organizing, and executing the decisions that would help the organization to maximize the resources at best and ensure profit maximization along with the overall growth of the organization.

These are the core functions of accounting. In actuality, the account is much more vast than what we could think of it. It is just not about recording, and analyzing monetary transactions but it also involves having a deep understanding of accounting laws, norms, and principles that are accepted widely and necessary for any firm to maintain those accounting standards to sustain in the market. That is why accounting being a vast subject, it becomes a profession in particular for many and the person who study, does accounting is known as ‘Accountant’.

An accountant in an organization is just not responsible for carrying out all those accounting activities that we discussed above but an accountant is also responsible for following all the laws in accounting that are acceptable. He/ she must ensure the accuracy of financial records/ data for organizations, individuals, and stakeholders. An accountant, apart from the internal financial activities, also takes care of the taxation.

Hiring an efficient accountant to manage the financial health of your organization is crucial for its success.

Here we will understand how it could impact your organization:

  1. An efficient accountant can help you in making strategic decisions to save funds while finding ways for a year-end deduction that would further save the funds and maximize the profit.
  2. If an accountant is very good at his profession, he would definitely know many tactics to end up paying lower taxes to the government.
  3. An accountant keeps track of all the assets and the depreciation on them if applicable. He keeps track of the value of assets and may help you to utilize all the resources at their best.
  4. He could help the management by providing them expert advice in optimizing the sources and maximizing profit by controlling daily expenses or investing the funds etc. further as he has expertise in it.

Accounting has been a separate yet integral part of every organization which is inseparable. However, with the rapid changes and development in the industries and working patterns, nowadays many firms do keep account department for their basic functions and to keep a check on the day-to-day monetary transactions but outsource the services for a special or more crucial financial tasks like to prepare the financial statements, to file tax returns, audit purpose, etc.

Well, big-sized companies would definitely have an entirely separate account department in-house, but small companies might not afford to have a separate workforce to handle accounting activities.

Therefore, for such companies outsourcing the accounting services is another ideal way of saving funds who cannot afford to pay monthly wages to the employees hired in the accounting department and prefer to pay commission or when required for their services.

There are many accounting firms that started and are working well in the market by providing a range of accounting services like tax filing, bookkeeping, payroll, audits, etc. small to medium-size firms. Options are many, carry out the proper research before choosing the one for your own organization.

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