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Bulk Credit Card Generator 2024

A bulk credit card generator allows the users or the customers to create Valid credit cards with valid credit card details that include name, CVV, country, and zip code. An advanced bulk credit card generator will create a large amount of valid credit card numbers. The numbers generated by card generators are used in software data testing and other verification purposes for different businesses.

Using the Luhn algorithm (MOD 10) which is a specific format, credit cards have their own prefixes. An advanced bulk credit card generator uses the Luhn algorithm to generate or create valid credit card numbers. However, the credit card numbers generated by card generators will not be able to make any transactions. These credit card numbers will not work if anyone tries to purchase anything using credit cards generated by valid card generators.

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Bulk Credit Card Generator With Fake Details

According to Issuing Network and Country for data testing and other verification purposes., the bulk generators generate credit card numbers with all fake details. The users must note that the valid card generators generate these credit card numbers, which are valid but do not hold any monetary value. That means it cannot process any transactions that involve real money. The bulk credit card generators with fake details on the credit cards do not offer any money on them.

How Does Bulk Credit Card Generator Work?

Many users love to generate Valid credit card numbers in bulk. Every credit card issuer gets assigned a prefix sequence of digits for the cards. Wendy’s issuers make a credit card for any customer, we have to include one of those assigned numbers on the credit card.

We are listing below the different prefixes for different issuers:

S.NoIssuer NamesPrefixes Assigned
1Visa“4539”, “4556”, “4916”, “4532”, “4929”, “40240071”, “4485”, “4716”, “4”
2Mastercard“51”, “52”, “53”, “54”, “55”, “2221”, “2222”, “2223”, “2224”, “2225”, “2226”, “2227”, “2228”, “2229”, “223”, “224”, “225”, “226”, “227”, “228”, “229”, “23”, “24”, “25”, “26”, “270”, “271”, “2720”


3American Express“34”, “37”
5DCI“300”, “301”, “302”, “303”, “36”, “38”
6enRoute“2014”, “2149”


8China UnionPay“62”, “88”


To make these valid credit cards look more authentic, names, addresses, countries, CVVs, etc. are also generated. Users have all the charges to take control of adding all these specific random details on valid credit cards. Once the valid credit card numbers are generated, they must also pass the Luhn algorithm checks.

Features of Bulk Credit Card Generator 

There are many attractive and unique features offered by bulk credit card generators. We are listing some of the best features of advanced credit card generators. 

  1. The credit card numbers generated are random and are 100% valid.
  2. A bulk credit card generator is 100% free of cost to be used by the users.
  3. A valid card generator is a tool that offers attractive features like generating credit card numbers in bulk.
  4. All the numbers generated by this tool are checked and processed with the Luhn algorithm.
  5. These tools are crosscheck validators that will check the authenticity of the credit card numbers generated.
  6. The credit card numbers gated by these generators are effective in data resting and verification processes.
  7. The users can add details on the valid credit cards like address, name, and zip code according to their choice.
  8. Customers also get options to add random details on valid credit cards.
  9. One can also select options to add random expiration dates on the credit card generated using these generators.
  10. Credit cards exported can be in many formats that a user can choose from.
  11. These generators are widely used and are capable of generating up to 999 valid credit card numbers for one user.
  12. The credit card numbers generated by the generators are genuine and are based on the Mod 10 formula.

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Use of Fake Credit Card Numbers

There are various uses for credit card numbers generated by advanced bulk credit card generators. Several times when a user visits various sites, they ask for original credit card credentials. These websites ask for credit card credentials to provide further access to their website and the content available on their website.

In such cases, the credit card numbers generated on a valid credit card Buy the advanced bulk credit card generators come in handy. In the era of the digital world, many vulnerable theft cases have been reported by consumers Only to get their credit card details.

But now, with the help of advanced bulk credit card generators, one can create valid credit card numbers and hide their original credentials.

These credit card numbers generated by valid card generators Are used only for software data testing and verification of payments in businesses. The users have to select their card type. They can also select more than one card type to use the bulk credit card generators.

Several cards that our user wants to create have to be selected from 1- 999. Data output formats like JSON, XML, and CSV after being selected by the user. Next user has to select a country for specific address details on the credit card. Countries like the United States, India, the UK, and more are supported by advanced bulk credit card generators.

The user will then have to select the generate button to Create the credit card details on the ballot credit card. Voila!! the user is ready to use the data that is free to download and reuse.

Bulk Credit Card Generator – FAQs

1. What is a bulk credit card generator, and how does it work?

Ans. A bulk credit card generator generates a huge number of legitimate credit card numbers that can be used for software testing and other types of verification.

2. What is the mechanism behind it?

Ans. The Luhn algorithm is a standard format for credit cards (MOD 10). Prefixes are unique to each credit card company, such as VISA. The Luhn checksum is used by a credit card generator to generate a valid card number.

3. Can we make purchases using these credit card numbers?

Ans. No, credit card numbers produced by the software can only be used for software testing and teaching. If you try to buy anything from them, they will not work.

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