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10 Best Apps for College Students

The college students of today’s age are way ahead in terms of their tech knowledge when compared to us. The kids these days can do whatever they like to with the help of the technology that we could only dream of having.

Several applications are essential for college students these days. Out of all those applications, the ten most popular and important applications are discussed below.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet app

Gone are the days when the student used flashcards to help them study. The flashcards were small pieces of paper. On one side of the paper, there used to be a question, an answer on the other side of the card.

The students used to spend a lot of time making these flashcards so that they do not have to carry along their notes. The process of making these flashcards was an act of studying itself.

But nowadays, there is an application called Quizlet that lets you do the same thing, but digitally. It is much easier now to create flashcards.

And the best thing about the Quizlet is that after creating the flashcards for your course, you can share the link with other students who are studying the same course as well.

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2. StudyBlue

StudyBlue app

StudyBlue is an application made specifically for notes, flashcards, and study guides. These notes or flashcards are made by the students, which they upload on StudyBlue later. It can be helpful for the students who do not have enough time on their hands to make notes or flashcards for themselves. It is quite likely that you will find the notes of the same class that you take on StudyBlue.

3. Time Timer

Time Timer app

To keep yourself away from all kinds of distractions, you should use the Time Timer application. This application will not let you get distracted. The Time Timer application will provide you with a platform where you can create custom settings. You can put certain alert options and even use the Pomodoro technique.

The Pomodoro technique is a method with the help of which you work for about 25 minutes straight and then get a 5-minute break. This technique helps you in increasing your focus and be more productive. Students of all ages can use this application as it will be equally beneficial for all of them.

4. Spike

Spike app


In the office, emails are the best way of communicating with each other. But in the colleges, the students are not even interested in using their email addresses. There is an application for this exact purpose, and it is called Spike. The application has collaborated with various communication platforms and brought them all together in a single place. It makes it much easier for the students to be able to communicate with their college staff, parents, and friends.

5. WhatsApp


Already most of us are aware of this application, and that is precisely the reason why WhatsApp is on this list. With the help of WhatsApp, you can connect with your family members and friends. It is regarded as the best application for students who are living away from their families.

If you were living under the rock and have not heard about WhatsApp before, then it is an application that provides a free and secure messaging platform. You can carry out voice calls or video calls through this application. You can also share documents, videos, and images with all your contacts.

6. MedManage


It can be a stressful activity to remember to take all your medication on time, especially for college students who are living away from their families. MedManage manages this problem and provides the solution in the form of this application.

With the help of this application, the parents will be notified if their child has the medication or not. It can also be used by the kids to find if their parents are taking their medications on time. The best part about this application is that it is free.

7. BetterHelp


It is not an easy task to live away from your family, manage everything on your own, make new friends, take new classes which are much more difficult than the ones you used to take earlier. All these things can damage your mental health. BetterHelp provides a platform where you can easily talk to any of the therapists you want, in whatever way you like.

There is an option for messaging, a phone call, and a video call. Although this application is not free, it cheaper compared to traditional therapy sessions. There is one point to consider that you will not be given any medications through this application if you feel that you need anti-depressants, or you need medicine to manage your anxiety.

8. Mint

Mint app

As college students do not have enough money on their hands, therefore Mint is an application that will help them out financially. This application will help the students track their expenses and create a budget for themselves.

9. Postmates

Postmates app

As the college students lack the expertise of making a meal for themselves, they are helped by Postmates. This application helps the students satisfy their late-night cravings. Moreover, during a study session or on a game day, the students can use the option for the group order.

10. UberEats

Uber Eats

It is not possible for a student to not know about Uber. Uber has now started delivering the food to people who are too lazy to leave their homes or are too busy, and they call it UberEats. It is free to download and is extremely reliable.

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The applications that are mentioned above are just a few of the dozens of applications suitable for college students. Almost all the students would be aware of most of the applications mentioned here, but if they are not, they should download them as soon as possible and make their life easier and simpler.

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