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Best PayPal Fee Calculator International Tools 2024

PayPal is no doubt one of the most famous payment processing platforms for digital businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are running a big enterprise or a small business; you can receive and make payments via PayPal.

Freelancers are also using PayPal for payment processing. If you haven’t used PayPal yet, then we would suggest you try it out. Many of you must be wondering about the fee structure of PayPal and how much extra money you have to pay or lose to process your payments.

Well, you should know that the PayPal fee is determined based on multiple factors, including sender/receiver location, the currency in which you are sending/receiving money, or the amount of payment.

To tackle this problem of free calculating, we would suggest you try out the best international PayPal fee calculator tools. These tools can help you calculate the fee on the payment before you send the invoice.

There are many PayPal fee calculators international on the internet, but we suggest you hook with the most reliable options.

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6 Best PayPal Fee Calculator International Tools 2024

Here are some of the top PayPal fee calculator international tools which can help you find the PayPal converter rate and the PayPal seller fee and that too for free.

1. PayPal Fee Calculator by SmallSEOTools (A Popular Choice)

This is a free and one of the most reliable fee calculator listed on the web these days. You should know that this PayPal fee calculator can easily help you know about the exact fee that you would be charged while sending or receiving payments. The working of this PayPal calculator is quite simple and elegant.

Even a new user can learn how to use this fee calculator PayPal without much effort. You have to enter the amount in the currency you are receiving/sending the payment and set the fee rate. Based on your input data, the tool would get you accurate PayPal seller fees results once you hit the “calculate fee” button.

  • Friendly UI
  • Accuracy in calculations
  • It saves a lot of your business money
  • Access from anywhere you want
  • Universal device compatibility
  • An error-free and quick calculation
  • Saves time and efforts
  • No restrictions

2. Bonsai PayPal Fee Calculator

This is another PayPal fee calculator tool that can help you find out the total fee you have to pay when you receive or send an online payment. This tool would calculate the fee and suggest the amount of money you have to ask your client after deducting the fee. This calculator is simple as soup, and even a layperson can learn how to operate it. You should know that Bonsai offers a huge set of other tools which can help you manage your freelance business.

3. Design Hill PayPal Fee Calculator

The PayPal fee calculator by design hill is another well-known service that can help you find the payment fee with complete accuracy and simplicity. You have to enter the amount of payment you expect to receive from your client in the tool. After inputting the amount and the currency, you have to hit the ‘calculate fee’ button. You can get instant results with this tool. You can use this tool as many times as you want as it has no restricted limit. The tool can easily tell you about the amount you should ask the client if you want to receive the full payment after the fee deduction.

4. SaleCalc PayPal Fee Calculator

This calculator tool can get the exact fee figure to you in less than seconds. This fee calculator tool will ask you about the amount of money, the currency, and the ongoing fee rate for finding the exact amount that would be applied to your payment. You can also choose the criteria of payment from domestic, international, and non-profit. This versatile tool has two tabs, one is for senders, and the second one is for receivers, so you can calculate the PayPal fee for both parties if you want to.

5. A Better Lemonade Stand PayPal Fee Calculator

The PayPal fee calculator by ‘A better lemonade stand’ is one of the dozens of free calculator tools that you can find on this source. This is a very easy-to-use calculator which anyone and everyone can use. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the relieving or sending end of the payment. It would provide you everything you need to know about the fee and the payment structure.

6. The Fee Calculator

If you want to make some professional and advanced calculations, this is the right platform. You can calculate the PayPal fee with this website tool, but you can also make many other calculations. You have to enter the amount of money in this fee calculator. It would show you the fee that you would be charged for international, domestic, NPO, virtual terminal standard, and PayPal.

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After reading about these calculator tools and using them, you would understand how easy it is to calculate the PayPal fee and know about the different structures. For more information about international calculations, we would suggest you stay tuned with us.

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