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IQ Option Review – Is IQ Option Safe to Trade?

IQ Option is one of the most profitable trading platforms that allow traders to trade on various financial instruments like Binary Options, Stocks, Forex, and of cryptocurrencies.

This trading platform was founded in 2013 regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Over time it has become one of the fastest-growing trading platforms.

When it comes to trading at IQ option, one question comes to our mind “IS IQ option safe?” It is fully authorized and safe for trading.

It welcomes traders from 213 countries, and some excluding countries like Japan, United States, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Romania, Italy, Russia, United States and Spain.

If you are from India and want to know “Is IQ option safe to trade?” you have reached the right place. In this blog, we will tell you the answer to this question and several questions related to this subject.

Is It Safe to Invest with IQ Options?

Yes! Investing on various financial instruments through the IQ option is completely safe and secure. The funds you invested in are encrypted and securely stored with the IQ option.

It’s a reliable and well-known trading platform. Millions of experienced brokers and well-known traders trade with this platform. The company cares about your trading decisions and offers you hassle-free trading experience.

Along with that, it is important to note down that trading is risky, you can either gain or lose everything. So, in order to offset the risk of losing money, you have to implement solid trading strategies.

To ensure the best possible security, you can use the advanced features of this platform. Firstly, add personal information, mobile number, and email address and set it hard to crack the password. Secondly, using the phone number will ask for 2 step authentication to open the account.

It asks you to summit OTP whenever you sign-in. You can also go to the Personal Data Section on the IQ option trading platform and then choose safety and security in the left menu.

You can also discover many other security options like Active Sessions and Sessions History that enables you to check all the devices where your account is currently activated.

We hope your query is IQ option safe and has resolved to some extent. To motivate you to invest in the financial instruments with this trading platform. We will tell you the IQ options reviews.

IQ Option Review

1. Trading Platform

IQ options have come up with three types of trading accounts- A standard trading account, VIP account, and a demo account. As per the knowledge and experience, you can choose the account. Stop loss and profit level features are not available at standard and demo accounts.

The interface of this trading platform is a little bit complex, but you can easily access its features over time.

This company has integrated “Position top-pop feature” in the trading platform, which allows traders to keep open beyond the stop loss. We hope this IQ option review is helping you a lot.

2. Strategy Tools

We have been using this trading platform for several years, and we are fond of its navigation tool. It’s very easy to navigate from one feature to another. Unlike other trading platforms, it’s strike price, and trading buttons are intuitive. On top of that, the customizable elements allow traders to make effective trading strategies.

Desktop users can also access this platform by downloading a version from the official site.

The whole layout of this trading platform is customizable. Which means you can move multiple graphs or analysis tools and do trading effortlessly.

Till this IQ option review, we can say that the IQ option is clear, safe, and the most sophisticated trading platform.

If your mind still not convinced from our review IQ option, read the quick list of assets that IQ option offers you-

  • CFD: Contract for difference offers you the best ways to trade on various assets like stocks, crypto, forex, and commodities.
  • ETFs: However, it’s a relatively new product in the market, but traders can choose nearly 4288 various EFTs.
  • IQ Options: IQ options enable traders to access 10 million options and speculate the currencies, indices, commodities, and stocks.

3. Forex & Cryptocurrencies

It is one of the most popular trading assets. IQ options allow traders to trade 188 popular currencies.  The payout on the products like crypto and forex depends on the performance of the underlying assets.

IQ options welcomes traders to trade 12 most popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcrash, and Dash.

4. Promotional Codes

As per the IQ option review, this company started to offer welcome bonuses and other promotional codes to the new customers. These types of bonuses have become outdated, and IQ is no longer to offer.


We hope you get your satisfied answer on “Is IQ option safe” and the reliable IQ option review. If you have a great knowledge of trading and want to trade on various financial segments, trading with IQ option will be the best and safest option for you.

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