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Leveraging Stock Screener for Enhanced Futures Trading

When it comes to trading, whether it is equity or derivatives,  every trader wants to be ahead of other traders to gain extra profits in the market. For this, a stock screener comes into the picture. Traders can leverage the stock screener to analyze charts in less time and find out the best opportunities out of them according to their strategy. Now let’s take a look at how leveraging the F&O stock screener can enhance your futures trading:

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1. Diversifying Portfolio

Stock screeners can see what a human eye can’t. stock screener shows the best possible results for your query from 1900+ stocks from different sectors and industries.

You can easily select the best stocks at the best price from various sectors and diversify your portfolio accordingly which will lower the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

2. Time-Saving Market Analysis

There are 2000+ stocks listed on the NSE from which 185 stocks are available for derivatives (f&o) trading. It’s nearly impossible for any trader to analyze 150+ stocks daily with different timeframes and multiple indicators.

It will drain your hours of valuable time and energy for sure. Stock screener does the same process for you within a few minutes and provides the list of relevant stocks according to your predefined criteria like volume, market price, volatility, fundamentals, etc.

3. Avoiding Emotional Biases

Being emotional while trading is normal. And most of the traders have some specific favorite stocks in which they trade regularly. But a stock screener can help you to find better investment opportunities (new stocks) than your traditional ones.

These can give you an extra edge in the market and prevent you from investing in overvalued stocks. The filtered data can increase your accuracy and help you to capture the momentum in stocks perfectly.

4. Customization

Every trader has his setup and unique method of analyzing and trading. The stock screener provides full customization so that every trader can use it without any difficulty and enjoy the benefits of the screener by finding the best stocks according to their applied filters.

Whether you want fundamentally strong stock or technically perfect stock. The stock screener will provide you with the best-related results matching your criteria.

5. Trade with Higher Efficiency

To fund the right stock for F&P trading can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort too. Instead of manual work, you can use a screen and filter it based on your needs. This helps you increase trading efficiency and earn a profit.


These are just a few benefits of the stock screener through which you will always have a chance of staying one step ahead of other traders while investing less time in analysis.

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional trader seeking tools to reduce your screen time or a newbie who is just starting – Using a stock screener in your trading can give you an extra advantage and enhance your intraday futures trading performance. To leverage the stock screener while trading, use Dhan. It offers many more features apart from a screen to level up your trading experience. 

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